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Video game glitches in real life.

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Anonymous asked: Okay so I had a dream about you where I was showering then I hear the door open and close and you were naked and gah damn so beautiful. So you were walking towards me and you started grabbing my cock and rubbing it and you got me hard and started sucking me off til I finished in your mouth. Just thought I should share that and share the fact that I want that to become reality

ahahah well damn who are you!

Anonymous asked: When you gonna get fucked by this big ass dick?

weeeeeelll i dont know who you are though

Lingerie night with my hot ass neighbor

Anonymous asked: Why are you so gorgeous?

I think I’m pretty average to be honest ahah but thank you so much!! I appreciate it(:

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"I will always love you."
-Itachi Uchiha

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guys with voices so deep u can feel it in da clit

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Wifey material 

God, Angie. Goals.

oh fuk yes

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